Domestic Heating UnitThe Ecowatts Thermal Energy Cell

The Ecowatts Thermal Energy Cell (TEC) is an electrolysis based energy cell that converts electrical power into heat at an efficiency significantly greater than that of a conventional immersion heater. This is achieved without the consumption of additional fossil fuels.

Ecowatts has developed this breakthrough technology for a wide range of applications, particularly in environments where electricity is used for space and water heating.

Super Efficient Electrical Space and Water Heating

With UK gas supply uncertainty and the need to provide energy savings and reduce carbon emissions, the TEC based Domestic Space and Water Heating System offers an economic and carbon saving alternative to heating with gas or oil. The TEC based Domestic Space and Water Heating System; 

  • Significantly reduces the cost of heating with electricity.
  • Has the benefit of economically providing continuous heat generation.
  • Saves carbon emissions through increased energy output with no additional carbon dioxide generation.
  • Removes the need for unfriendly night time storage.
  • Usable with other sustainable and renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic, fuel cells, wind power, Stirling cycle engines, and tidal and hydro power etc.
  • Is conventionally installed and can directly replace gas based heating system.
  • Is an economic substitute for heating with gas or oil.

Illustration of the TEC integrated with a Thermal Store

The Thermal Energy Cell works in conjunction with a thermal store in order to provide a high efficient continual supply of hot water and room heating.

The TEC will have great advantages over other micro-generation systems in that it is a direct replacement for conventional gas, oil and electrical heating systems;

  • The TEC will not be limited by the specific installation requirements experienced with PV, Solar Heating and Wind Turbines.
  • The TEC, compared with ground source heat pumps, does not require a bore hole or a large area of land.
  • The TEC is silent unlike air source heat pumps.


It is planned to have the TEC based Super Efficient Electrical Space and Water Heating System in the shops by the end of 2010.

Ecowatts are working with International Manufacturing Partners for product development.

Integration tests have been completed and a concept demonstrator will be trialed at the end of 2008.

The technology has been verified by UK Universities and Measurement Organisations.

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Integration Tests with a Thermal Store

A Carbon and Energy Saving Microgeneration Technology
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